Amie Marshall

Senior Mortgage Banker

NMLS: 1679152

  Amie Marshall - Hasna Team - Geneva Financial LLC

  Amie Marshall - Hasna Team - Geneva Financial LLC


2913 Foothills Dr. Suite 220

Salt Lake City, UT 84109


Amie Marshall is a Loan Officer for Geneva Financial, LLC. Amie brings a fresh perspective to the loan world, Amie is working to bridge the path between renting and buying a home. Amie is passionate about helping first time homebuyers realize their dream of homeownership by listening to their needs and future desires, and pairing them with the _best loan program to fit their lifestyle.

Amie's extensive knowledge of available loan programs for each purchase goal will ensure clients from first time homebuyers to those looking to buy a vacation home or investment property will be matched with the best loan to satisfy their needs. She can also help with the decision to refinance a current home loan or cash out on home equity for home improvements or debt consolidation.

Since each goal requires a unique program, Geneva Financial offers a wide variety of loan programs that Amie can assist with including fixed rate Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loans, adjustable rate loans, Jumbo loans and refinance loan programs for those homes needing a little TLC.

When Amie is outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son and daughter and their dog, Mackenzie. She is also an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast.


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