The kitchen is the most used room in your home.  Some call it the “Heart” of the home.  It is where the energy in the home begins as food is prepared, conversation is shared, and sitting together around the table, families grow closer.

When it is time to remodel, it has the most options on how you invest your money to ‘redo’ your kitchen.  Spreading this over two days, I want to share some ideas for a kitchen update.

  1. Today’s new kitchens mix and match multiple materials and textures. You may find light cabinets, stainless steel appliances, an island made of repurposed wood, or darker paint on a center island. It is a time for contrast and a casual mixture in appearance.
  2. Remember all those collectible dishes from your grandmother that your mother tried to get you to take? Well now they are showing up in kitchen designs everywhere.  Running a collector shelf above the sight line, you can fill it with some of the things you have stuffed or hidden in your cabinets freeing up more space.   If you are going eclectic like this, remember to mix your color more to keep a ‘classic’ look in the kitchen. Think cherry countertops with soft marigold cabinets and gray green walls. This will create a warm kitchen welcoming both family and friends.
  3.  Decide where you can splurge and spend your money. Some might choose to go with new countertops. Those are usually the most expensive unless you are replacing cabinets and redesigning your kitchen.  Try and keep your footprint in the kitchen design the same so plumbing does not have to be moved. Remember that open shelves in place of cabinets are now found in most new homes. That cuts cost of new cabinets.
  4. Simple update is to switch out the hardware on your current kitchen cabinets.  You will be surprised if you take home a few samples from Lowe’s or Home Depot and try them out.  Simple changes in design on hardware make a huge difference in the kitchen.
  5. Another contrast is suggested as you work out your ‘new look’. If you are not the color queen or king, you cannot go wrong with black and white.  Black cabinets with glass on the uppers… painted with high sheen, black countertops, silver pulls, stainless appliances and white walls. Elegance with simplicity.  
  6. You could use your splurge money and indulge in high end appliances.  A larger industrial stove with marble or steel countertops is luxury plus.
  7. Think about taking out a cabinet section and putting in an upper storage until of a plate rack.  Keep our lower cabinets solid for hidden storage.  Your dishes will be a main attraction with their new cubby holes. 
  8. Bring in the wood dear!  Bringing back touches of wood to your kitchen pulls in the mix of the earth.  A custom island of wood topped with sheet metal, or wood beams overhead? 
  9. Be creative with lighting.  Takes a bit of time to study all the   different available lights to ‘drop’ into the kitchen. Can lighting is not the best look, yet it is in every new home being built today.  You have other choices as you update your kitchen.
  10.  If you only can do one thing, you might consider unifying your kitchen with white paint on the cabinets. Ditch laminate countertops for affordable oak.

Next post… ten more ideas on updating your Kitchen!

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