Jefferson Butler

The Butler Team

Branch Manager | Senior Mortgage Consultant

Renton, Washington






Jefferson Butler has been in the industry many years. The most important thing to Jefferson is providing the best customer service to each of his clients. His first and main concern is finding the right loan for the right situation. Jefferson's desire is to offer complete disclosure to everything as the process unfolds. Being informed is what he promises to you.

 His team is comprised of highly experience Mortgage Professionals. They have developed a special system that will successfully guide you through the refinance or home buying process to get you more out of the mortgage experience by simplifying it!

If at any time during the pre-approval or loan process, you have questions, Jefferson is there to answer them.  This open communication system allows you to know where you are in the loan process at all times. The Bank just lends, but Jefferson offers a different approach to mortgage lending that’s tailored to fit your needs and maximize all the benefits to save you money on your mortgage.   


Geneva Financial, LLC -  Renton, Washington