GREAT NEWS for Foreclosure Victims

There's a common misconception out there that if you’ve gone through a foreclosure, you won't be able to qualify to repurchase a home. The feeling among foreclosure victims is that it is a Death Sentence.  This is just not true. The truth is that a foreclosure can make it more difficult to secure a home loan, but it is not impossible or hopeless.  The reality is in today’s world, post the 2008 mortgage crisis, it's challenging for anyone to get a home loan, whether you have a foreclosure in your past or not.  Government restrictions and regulations have made it challenging for all borrowers.

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Need or Want...

Needs and Wants... not to be confused.   Giving to those in need. Heart to Heart. Our Veterans have given their lives in action and in daily living for all of us.  Time to give back. 

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justin brown