Meet our teammate, Bruce Lam, aka Comical Cents


Bruce is 34 years old, married with two boys, and he is the kind of guy you want to be friends with. Bruce is bilingual and speaks Chinese, but according to him, it's such a rare dialect only his family and two other people in Texas can understand what is being said. 

I met Bruce and his family when they bought our house back in 2013. Being a Loan Officer, I asked if they would like me to finance their house, but it turned out Bruce was also a Loan Officer! About 6 months after buying the house, he reached out to me and VOILA! Here we are 5 years later working together to make our client's dreams come true!

What's unique about Bruce is his ability to walk into a room and make everyone at ease with his likeability and sense of humor. His live-in-the-moment way of living creates interesting conversation as you don't know what to expect from him at any time. I guess one could call him the Zen lender for he is truly comfortable being himself.   Read more about Bruce here.

This is refreshing since working in Corporate America, especially for a bank, can be a drag at times. We are the bridge between our clients (who have emotions) and the bank (who has guidelines) and are here to help our clients cross over to homeownership. Although buying or refinancing a house is all just a bunch of paperwork, it is oftentimes stressful. Let's call a spade a spade. 

People tend to either be running toward or away from something. Either they are chasing their dream home or trying to improve their situation by getting out of their current lifestyle. Afterall, our lives tend to revolve around where we live. When deciding to buy a house, you are uprooting your life to move it elsewhere. Even when you are refinancing your loan, it is usually to improve your financial problems, which most people stress over just thinking about it!

What I have found to be a good gauge of whether or not the stress will get to you down during the process of home buying is based on the weight you give your expectations. What documents you think the underwriter should see and what the underwriter asks to see oftentimes misconceived. A picture from your phone of part of a statement you have from three months ago is not sufficient to document the funds you have for the down payment closing next week. 

How long it takes you to submit the documentation required WILL impact the time it takes to finalize your loan. What you submit WILL be reviewed and scrutinized. These are the ugly truths that many buyers resist. 

Stress is a killer and improving your financial situation shouldn't feel like death. To know that PAPERWORK is the key to buying a home or refinancing one is really quite astounding when you think about it! 

Bruce and all of us on the team are excited to help you transition into a home so you can experience our stress-free approach. It's time to greet your future with a smile!

With Gratitude,

Louis Baca,  Geneva Financial LLC,  Producing Branch Manager/Loan Officer  NMLS 196378