Huge Kudos for Putting Up with Me.

Geneva Fi Loan Officers Working Together.

Often in this business, we need a hand from someone to jump in on a situation. Geneva Financial does it with TEAMWORK.  Jonathan Reece received this thank-you email from fellow Loan Officer Dan Wickner.

Dan Wickner is one of our Senior Loan Officers in Arizona, and Jonathan Reece is our National Director of Commercial Lending as well as a Residential Branch Manager of Broadway 101 in Tempe, Arizona.

"Thanks Big Guy!

I just wanted to give my brother Jonathan Reece huge KUDOS for putting up with me and a slow borrower.  I mean SLOW. It took over a year to lock my client down and another six months to gather info we needed to submit... which is totally understandable when you have clients that own a vast amount of Arizona.

  • Jonathan NEVER gave up. 
  • He never gave up on me or the borrower.
  • He never gave up on the property.
  • Jonathan ALWAYS returned all calls and emails. 
  • Jonathan put up with me and ALL of my stupid questions.
  • Jonathan was there 110% of the way fighting for our file.

Thank you Jonathan for being such a great back up.   Dan "